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2016 Upcoming Events  (Click on the Event for more info and registration)

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June 9, 2016  -  GTEC/GACS UST Operator A/B Certification Classroom Course  -  Dallas, GA

June 20-24, 2016  -  Georgia Fire Safety Symposium, Forsyth, GA

June 23-26, 2016  GOA Convention, Amelia Island

June 26 - 28, 2016  -  GACS Convention, San Destin, FL

August 8, 2016  -  GTEC/GACS UST Operator A/B Certification Classroom Course  -  Dallas, GA

August 15, 16, 17, 2016,  2016 Cathodic Protection Tester  Basic and Recertification Course

August 25, 2016  -  GTEC UST Management & Compliance Assistance Seminar - Atlanta, GA

Oct 18-21, 2016  -  Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI)  &  NACS Convention,  Atlanta, GA

October 24, 2016  -  GTEC/GACS UST Operator A/B Certification Classroom Course  -  Dallas, GA

October 25-27, 2016  -  GA Tech Environmental Management Conference, Atlanta, GA

Nov 9-10, 2016  -  GACS/SE Petro Show,  Macon, GA

Dec 12, 2016  -  GTEC Quarterly Meeting/Christmas Social  -  Atlanta, GA

Click Here for EPA's Publication That Has Checklists for Walk-Thru Inspections 


Click Below to Download Speaker Presentations from the 2016 UST Seminar:(in agenda order)

1.  Shaheer Muhanna  - Vapor Recovery EVR Stage I  Test Report Form  

2.  Richard Strickfaden  -  GA EPD and the New UST Rules                      

3.  Ben Singh  -  Region 4 EPA Update on New UST Rules

4.  Wayne Warrick  -  Fuel Quality Issues  -  Photos Only - No Power Point

5.  David Au  -  Fuel Quality Issues from the State's Perspective

6.  Howard Chesneau  -  Fuel Quality Issues 

7.  Travis Benton  -  Dispensers and Spill and Overfill Prevention

8. Bill Tobias, Carlton Knowles - Veeder-Root  -  Tank Release Detection - ATGs and Interstitial Monitoring

9.  Bill Greer - Tank Release Detection - Groundwater and Vapor Monitoring

10.  Ed Kubinsky  -  Tank Tightness Testing

11.  Kurt Kraus  -  Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

12.  Katie Seaborn  -  Piping Release Detection

13.  Ralph Eichian  -  Corrosion Protection

14.  Bill Greer  -  Release Reporting and UST Closures  

15.  Bill Greer  -  Operator C Training Guideline

Seminar Photos


Georgia Fuels Issues Seminar  -  Ethanol Gasoline and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Click below to download speaker presentations:

Fuel Quality Services




Click here to download a copy of the new draft GA Fire Code

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The SouthEastern States Vapor Intrusion Symposium

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Please Note:  All Cathodic Protection Testers certified by GTEC were trained and Certified by Craig Meier,


Corrosion Control, Inc., who is a NACE Certified Corrosion Expert. 

















Click Here for Draft Petroleum Contractor License Rules 


Note:  The following lists are under revision.  Please call GTEC at 770-426-1133    for more information.

Certified Cathodic Protection Testers(GTEC Members) 

Vapor Recovery System Testers (GTEC Members)

Tank Tightness Testers (GTEC Members)

Emergency Responders (Spills) (GTEC Members)

UST Closure (Tank Removal) Contractors (GTEC Members)

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